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Employment Law

The Law and Mediation Offices of Tom Harper

The Law and Mediation Offices of Tom Harper

G. Thomas Harper

Courts are enforcing arbitration agreements between companies and their employees. Resolving an employment dispute through arbitration saves time and money. It is less formal and more efficient than court litigation. An employee has the full range of legal remedies and the dispute can often be decided within 3-6 months.

Since 1919, the Meninak Club of Jacksonville has carved a unique role for itself in our community. Attracting top business, professional, military and civic leaders to its ranks, Meninak has long been a catalyst for strengthening bonds among influential people and for helping shape the future of the Jacksonville community.
    We choose to dedicate ourselves to the betterment of Northeast Florida, lending help where none is available, especially when enhancing the lives of children. Join us

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