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Monday - March 5, 2018


Chief Executive Officer
Child Guidance Center

Mental health professional coordination with our educational systems is key to identifying, addressing mental health concerns and thereby promoting safe schools. Promoting the practice of mental health and physical health handled within an integrated/collaborative care model is encouraging the recognition of “whole health,” and with that belief is also the belief mental illness can be successfully treated. Prevention, early identification, early intervention, as in any physical illness, is the key to that successful treatment.

Since 1951, the Child Guidance Center has specialized in helping children, adolescents and their families cope with the stresses of life. Theresa Rulien joined Child Guidance Center in February, 2005 to coordinate the development of the then Crisis Response Team (now Rapid Response Team). She was later promoted to Program Director adding the Comprehensive Assessments and the Community Family Services teams to her direction. Theresa has been the Chief Executive Officer of Child Guidance Center since July, 2010.


Monday - February 26, 2018

Wolfson Clinics

Wolfson Children' School-Based Health Centers

The first Wolfson Children's School-Based Health Centers have opened to serve the students of Jean Ribault Middle and High Schools and Sallye B. Mathis Elementary. These centers offer a convenient way for children to get a range of quality health care services in a location that is easily accessible on school campuses. It is a proven model of care that can grow to serve more and more children over time.

Since 1919, the Meninak Club of Jacksonville has carved a unique role for itself in our community. Attracting top business, professional, military and civic leaders to its ranks, Meninak has long been a catalyst for strengthening bonds among influential people and for helping shape the future of the Jacksonville community.
    We choose to dedicate ourselves to the betterment of Northeast Florida, lending help where none is available, especially when enhancing the lives of children. Join us

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