Meninak is celebrating 101 years of service and giving to Northeast Florida this year! Here are just a few of the highlights of our first 100:

  • 110 youth leadership scholarships totaling $575,000 given to area high school student

  • Over $1,500,000 in Grants to Northeast Florida Charities

  • 4000 luncheon meetings with interesting speakers where we learn about our economy, our government, our community’s strengths and challenges and our quality of life, environment, entertainment and sports.

  • We sponsor the American Red Cross Ocean Swim and support the Salvation Army’s work.

  • We have taught financial literacy to 1700 elementary students with Junior Achievement

  • We have spent untold hours mentoring area students and professional colleagues

​In the process of serving and learning together, we continue to build lasting friendships.


In contrast, some of what is around us is less about building up. In a recent Washington Post article, George Will said “Americans are richer, more informed, more connected than ever – and unhappier, more isolated and less fulfilled”. Friends are mostly virtual even though we are hyper-connected. And much of what we see in our supposed “connectedness” is negative and tends to divide us. It seems mostly to tear down and not to build up.


Then there is Meninak!


We take a different perspective on the challenges around us. Our focus is on giving, serving and building up our community together and on being better informed on the important matters happening around us and in our nation. And when we do have a topic that raises differing opinions, we share those constructively to learn from each other.  


In 2019, we continue those things we already do well and are adding a few elements to get to know each other better. Most notably, a series of informal Fireside Chats with our more tenured members, moderated by Karen Mathis. 


Learn more about us ( and let us know if you would like to join us for lunch some time. Perhaps you can see yourself serving along-side some of Jacksonville’s finest people!


Happy 101s Meninak!


Wes Benwick

2020 President

Meninak Club of Jacksonville