Volunteer Opportunities

Salvation ArmyProgram Committee

The Committee shall be responsible for coordinating speakers and dates with the Master Calendar in the Meninak Office. No date should be booked until confirmed by the Meninak Office. When a speaker is booked, the committee member should obtain the following information:

1. Title of program
2. Speaker Biography
3. Special requirements, i.e. audio/visual equipment
4. Introducer

Every Monday Meeting we need volunteers to be:
1. Song Leaders
2. Invocators
3. Greeters

Membership Committee


The Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of new members adhering to the specific guidelines of eligibility and classification as stated in the By-Laws, Article IX. Section 1.

New Members shall be recruited by following the Proposal for Membership Procedure attached to every Membership Proposal:

a. Identify prospect in accordance with By-Laws as stated on proposal form.
b. Invite prospective new member to Monday luncheon to acquaint with club.
c. Fill-out application form without proposed new member's knowledge. Form should be completely filled out and signed by proposer and two endosers.
d. Submit for Board approval which takes approximately two weeks.
e. Invite proposed new member to join after notification of approval.
f. Schedule Monday date with Meninak Office to introduce new member.
g. Mentor new member throughout the year advising of club procedures, activities and committee participation.


In accordance with the By-Laws: "The Committee on Orientation of New Members shall have the responsibility for acquainting all new members with the purposes of the Club, the Activities in which the Club engages, the history and traditions of the Club and the need for new member participation in order to insure the success of the Club."

The Proposer shall personally be responsible during the first year to personally mentor his new member advising of club procedure, activities and committee participation.

The Committee will be responsible for conducting two formal Orientation Meetings a year to:

a. Welcome new members
b. Introduce Board and Committee Chairmen
c. Present history of club
d. Explain purpose of Committees to encourage participation


The Committee shall contact members who have been absent for over three months and encourage them to attend. Advise of upcoming speakers and activities.

The Committee shall contact and visit when possible senior members who have been unable to attend or members who are ill.

The Committee shall personally contact members who have submitted their resignations, before they are formally accepted.

Charity Projects

The Committee will select a project under the guidelines of the By-Laws and following the suggested guidelines.

The member who investigates the winning project will follow-up on the progress of the project, its completion and dedication.


The Activities Committee shall consist of a Chairman and each event will have a Chairman to coordinate activities scheduled for the current year.

1. Family Tennis
2. Baseball Night
3. Lifeguard Ocean Swim
4. Charity Golf Tournament
5. Habijax
6. Salvation Army Kettle Drive

Leadership Scholarships

The Board will notify the Scholarship Committee of funds available for Scholarship Awards. The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for:

1. Distributing application to members of Youth Leadership Jacksonville
2. Setting Application deadline
3. Selecting Finalists
4. Interview Finalists
5. Notifying winners
6. Award Presentation at Monday meeting

Mentor Steering Committee

Our Mentor Steering Committee seeks to promote involvement in mentoring programs by Meninaks. It does so through the following activities:

1. Organizing an annual "Mentor Day" during which representatives of various organizations are invited to attend a luncheon program focused on mentoring, thereby facilitating contact between those organizations and potential volunteers within the Club;
2. Identifying and recommending speakers who address the club on mentoring related topics on a periodic basis so as to "keep the idea of mentoring before the Club;"
3. Developing and maintaining relationships between local mentoring organizations and the Club; and,
4. Providing a support network for, and encouraging the exchange of ideas between, Meninaks who are involved in mentoring.

For our members interested in becoming mentors, click here to see our brochure on mentoring opportunities.

For our current mentors, click here to see the Mentor Toolkit which was developed for the Take Stock in Children program but it contains a wealth of information that will be helpful to every mentor

Public Relations

The Committee is responsible for promoting weekly programs, special events and activities in addition to any formal publications and informational brochures.

Since 1919, the Meninak Club of Jacksonville has carved a unique role for itself in our community. Attracting top business, professional, military and civic leaders to its ranks, Meninak has long been a catalyst for strengthening bonds among influential people and for helping shape the future of the Jacksonville community.
    We choose to dedicate ourselves to the betterment of Northeast Florida, lending help where none is available, especially when enhancing the lives of children. Join us

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