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Foundation Contributors

There are many ways to make your gift to The Meninak Foundation. In addition to the annual assessment made of each member of the Meninak Club, you may choose to make annual gifts, or elect to make a major gift or bequest.

Select the gift category that lets our community and our Club members see your dedication to the betterment of Northeast Florida and its young people. Initially, your contributions will be used to fund Meninak's scholarship programs. Categories include: (* Star Designations)

The 1951 Club $500

Friendship Club $1,000 *

Path Lighters Club $1,500

Bell Ringers Club $2,500 **

Torch Club $5,000 ***

Credo Club $10,000 ****

President's Club $20,000 *****

Your annual contributions are counted cumulatively, making it possible to advance to the next recognition level over time.

Our Foundation Contributors

President's Club

Brewster Durkee
Henry Newcomer
Dick Suddath

Credo Club

Dick Barker
J. F. Bryan
John Godfrey
Hugh Magevney
Linda Persandi
Taylor Sams
John Thompson
Ray VanLandingham

Torch Club

John Anderson
Jim Cobb
John Donahoo
Ken Ekelund
Phil Ghiotto
Pete Hallock
Hank Haynes
Jeff Hoffman
Victor Hughes
Bunky Johnson
Ira Koger
Dr. Ross Krueger
David Lampp
Jane Lanier
Mary Bland Love
Downing Nightingale
Bill Ostner
Jim Rinaman
Lee Smith

Bell Ringers

Bill Birchfield
Hickory Fant
Lewis Hunter
Jim Love
Bill Nash
Carole Poindexter
Kim Rinaman
Tom Rubel
Izzy Spence
James Taylor

Path Lighters

Dr. Gaston Acosta-Rua 
Tom Calhoun
Bernie Carter
Gus Clark
Bill Courtney
DeWitt Dawkins
Bill Drennon
Mark Hand
Tom Harper
Bill Hill
Fred Jackson
Sen. Jim King
Dr. John Lovejoy
Rusty Newton
Dick Pierpont
Al Rodriguez
John Sisk
Dr. Richard Skinner
Al Smith
Hawley Smith
Dave Thompson
Buzz Tyre

Friendship Club
George Good
Judy Law
Kent Lindsey
Bill McCamy
Ted Pappas
John Roberts
Dan Wolff
Pete Wynkoop

1951 Club

Dr. Maurice Barakat
Bill Barnett
Bill Blackard
Bill Bliss 
Bill Bowers
Steve Borowiec
Carter Bryan
Larry Cobb
Arch Cassidy
Gus Clark
Jarik Conrad
Harrison Conyers
Bill Cousins
Dennis Dore
George Ellis 
Keith Fairchild 
Gil Feltel 
Cathi Forment
Sam Fricano
Jim Gajewski
John Ghegan
Byron Googins
Mike Grogan
Clyde Harris
Preston Haskell
George Helow
Hugh Howton
Kel Huehn
Don Ingram
Mark Johnson
Harriet Jones 
Malcolm Jones
Jan Korb
Mike Lawrence
Joe Love
Dr. Marcelle Lovett 
Dick Ludlow
Karrie Massee
Phil May
K. C. McCarthy
Marjorie Morales
Ted Pappas
Bob Pearce
Fran Pepis 
Dick Pierpont
Frank Pixler
Bob Read
John Rogers
Dr. Kerry Romesburg
Rob Rushing
Carl Ryan
Steve Shewbrooks
Kem Siddons
David Sillick
John Slye
Shannon Smith
Hap Stewart
Steve Suddath
Charles Trinder
Fred Tygart
Buzz Tyre
Tri Vu
Chuck Walker
Larry Weber
Jim Wetzel
George Whitner
Pat Williams
Jim Winston

Honorable Mention
Shep Bryan
Rev. Dan Casselberry
Bill Colmery
Brooks Faison
Daniel Fanger
Ernie Ford
Ed Jackson
Kirk Lewis
Dick Ludlow
David Meyers
Steve Stevenson
Babs Strickland
Dave Tuttle
Gil Wright

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