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Meninak Credo

I believe in freedom, in the right of the individual to live according to his conscience within the framework of a society organized for the common good. I believe in the will of the majority, provided that neither rights nor privileges of the minority are violated.

I believe in the dignity of man. I believe that each of us justifies his existence through faith in God and by service to his fellow men and that such service is best performed by giving of self as well as substance, heart as well as mind.

I believe that liberty is best preserved by an alert and informed citizenry; that each of us has an obligation to know the truth and once knowing, to let its light illumine the darkness of ignorance.

I believe in the youth of our country. I believe that service to youth is insurance for the preservation of democracy.

I believe in my community and its importance as a place in which I may grow spiritually. I believe in rendering an active, intelligent, helpful service to my associates, that my community may be a better place for my tenancy in it. I believe in "Meninaks in Action!"

I am a Meninak

Stuart H. Richeson
President 1948
Member 56 years

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